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A Chainer implementation for PyramidNets (Deep Pyramidal Residual Networks)

This repository contains a Chainer implementation for the paper: Deep Pyramidal Residual Networks (CVPR 2017, Dongyoon Han*, Jiwhan Kim*, and Junmo Kim, (equally contributed by the authors*)). The code in this repository is based on the example provided in PyTorch examples and the nice implementation of Densely Connected Convolutional Networks.

Three other implementations with LuaTorch, Caffe and PyTorch are provided:

  1. A LuaTorch implementation for PyramidNets,
  2. A Caffe implementation for PyramidNets.
  3. A PyTorch implementation for PyramidNets.


  • Chainer 3.2.0+
  • CuPy 2.2.0+