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This project aims create a set of educational tools accessible from the web to help people learn the skills and techniques involved in the sport of footbag. At the projects core is a video encyclopedia of techniques in the sport that is easy to search. By creating a database of the various footbag moves it makes it possible for people to search for techniques by describing the moves without needing to know the names/nicknames for a move ahead of time.


In this project I have used virtualenvwrapper to make sure that the versions of software used are consistent. To install the site locally you will need to satisfy the dependencies found in requirements.txt. If there any any problems with the packages or if updating the packages is appropriate please do create an issue in the issues tracker.

Depending on the database backend being used the Django settings might need to be changed.

Initial migrations

In a bare install there's no database tables yet. Run:

python makemigrations footbagmoves
python migrate --fake-initial


Setting related to the deployment of the site can be found in the deployment_settings.cfg file in the top level. This is just a standard configuration file as used by the python configparser.

Sample file is as follows:

live_server: yes

SECRET_KEY: SuperSecretASCIIstring

MYSQL_DB_NAME: footbag_database
MYSQL_TEST_DB_NAME: test_footbag_database

Secret key

This is not stored in the file because it's not safe to store in version control. Store the secret key in secrets section of the config file.

Git workflow

For a conceptual overview of the type of branching strategy we are using have a look at . Because this is a web based project there is a develop branch that is hosted on a development subdomain. As much as possible the development site is the same as the live site. This lets us test changes in a controlled environment before we go live with them.

There are 2 important branches:

  1. master branch: This directly reflects what is on the live website. Therefore this branch must always be in a state that can be deployed at all times. Because the master branch is deployed to the live website make sure that all commits pass the unit tests and are to the best of your knowledge bug free.
  2. develop branch: This directly reflects what is on the development site. This is currently hosted on our development server, so be mindful when pushing changes to this branch.

Master branch

Before anything is pushed to the master branch it first needs to be tested on the develop branch. Because the master branch is the live site any changes to this branch must be via a pull request.

This branch is deployed to the live site via the invoke script found in Note that the script will not deploy to the live site if any unit tests do not pass, so please make sure that all the test pass before creating a pull request.

New features

Any new features should be worked on in a development site on their own branch before they are pushed to the develop branch.

To keep things organized in the network graphs for this git repository work on any orthogonal features in a named branch. Please choose descriptive names. If you are making a bugfix then fast forward merging is ok.


Any issues or bugs should be reported in the github issues tracking page Please tag bugs with the bug tag.


Feel free to contact me with any questions relating to this project.