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Google's Engineering Practices Documentation 日本語翻訳
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Google Engineering Practices Documentation

Google has many generalized engineering practices that cover all languages and all projects. These documents represent our collective experience of various best practices that we have developed over time. It is possible that open source projects or other organizations would benefit from this knowledge, so we work to make it available publicly when possible.

Currently this contains the following documents:


There is some Google-internal terminology used in some of these documents, which we clarify here for external readers:

  • CL: Stands for "changelist," which means one self-contained change that has been submitted to version control or which is undergoing code review. Other organizations often call this a "change" or a "patch."
  • LGTM: Means "Looks Good to Me." It is what a code reviewer says when approving a CL.


The documents in this project are licensed under the CC-By 3.0 License, which encourages you to share these documents. See for more details.

Creative Commons License

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