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czabaj commented Apr 16, 2020


  • formatXMLElementFn -- a function handling rich text formatting, passed to values. Name is used as referred in source code,

The problem

While using RichText, formatXMLElementFn are called with possible many arguments (chunks) which could be collected with rest operator and passed to component.


  defaultMessage="This is <i>example
deschmih commented Apr 24, 2020

Package version eg. v8, v9:


Issue, Question or Enhancement:

If a fqdn starts with an integer f.e. "", the validation fails. The example "" is a valid ntp-server (see

Code sample, to showcase or reproduce:

package main


type Settin
micheletufano commented Dec 11, 2017

From the code ( I can see that the ParallelTextInputPipeline automatically generates the SEQUENCE_START and SEQUENCE_END tokens (which means that the input text does not need to have those special tokens).

Does ParallelTextInputPipeline also perform **_padding

MickL commented Mar 25, 2019

The documentation is very confusing about "installation" and should be updated/simplified. I have:

  • A shared module
  • Lazy loaded modules
  • AOT compilation (which becaume the default on Angular CLI)

Do i need to apply all 3 of the mentioned headlines to this topics? When I have the shared module, does it work out of the box with lazy loaded modules? Also i should export the TranslateModul

lucasecdb commented Apr 26, 2020

Describe the bug

This is an issue I encountered while migrating from the 3.0.0-5 version to 3.0.0-11. I probably have to use make-plural somewhere in my app, but I don't know where because the migration docs didn't mention it.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior, possibly with minimal code sample, e.g:

import { plural } from '@lingui/macro'
import { useL

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