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Stypox commented Jun 11, 2022


  • I made sure that there are no existing issues - open or closed - which I could contribute my information to.
  • I'm aware that this is a request for NewPipe itself and that requests for adding a new service need to be made at [NewPipeExtractor](htt
enhancement good first issue GUI
renta commented Mar 24, 2021

Package version eg. v9, v10: v0.13.0 v0.17.0 v10.2.0

Issue, Question or Enhancement:

Golangci-lint ( comes with a errorlint linter ( When I switched it on, I got this issue f

qwerty287 commented Jun 17, 2022

Describe the issue

A component without strings (a glossary) shows up as 100%, but there isn't the checkmark.

I already tried

  • I've read and searched the documentation.
  • I've searched for similar issues in this repository.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Create an empty component
  2. Look at the overview.

Expected behavior

Show a chec

bug good first issue

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