Extends jQueryUI sortable to allow selection and sorting of multiple elements
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jquery.multisortable Build Status

Extension of jQuery UI Sortable, which works with multiple selected elements.

jsFiddle example



// simple case

// some of the advanced usages
    items: "div.item",
    selectedClass: "selected",
    click: function(e){ console.log("I'm selected."); }
    stop: function(e){ console.log("I've been sorted."); }

Changes in API

This plugin provides several new options and events:


  • selectedClass: class which will be assigned to selected items.


  • mousedown: this event will be fired when user starts to drag an item.
  • click: this event will be fired when user clicks an item.


Credit goes to original author of abandoned jquery.multisortable project which can be found at http://multisortable.110mb.com.

Jay Hayes, who created a fork for that project on github https://github.com/iamvery/jquery.multisortable

All other people, who contributed to the project.