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Immersive viewer for equirectangular panoramas based on Canvas/WebGL ( and Flash (
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Immersive viewer for equirectangular panoramas based on Canvas/WebGL ( and Flash (

It works on desktop & mobile. It will first try to load the panorama using WebGL/Canvas and if it fails it will load it using flash.

You can see it working here:


You'll need an Apache Server running at least PHP 5.6, 'short tags' must be enabled.

Download code and open MY_constants.php located at /app/config, add your Flickr api key, your 500px api key and your Imgur client ID and save file as 'constants.php'.

define ('FL_KEY', '--------YOUR FLICKR API KEY--------');

define ('PX500_KEY', '--------YOUR 500PX API KEY--------');

define ('IMGUR_CLIENT_ID', '--------YOUR IMGUR CLIENT ID--------');

folder structure/contents

└─── app (MVC)
|     └─── config (constants & routes)  
|     └─── controller (controllers)  
|     └─── core (MVC core files)  
|     └─── libraries (cache library)  
|     └─── model (models)  
|     └─── view (views)    
└───resources (public content)
|     └─── css (css)  
|     └─── data (preloadade panoramas json)  
|     └─── embed (flash viewer files)  
|     └─── img (forntend images)  
|     └─── js (js files)  
|     |    └─── vendor (js plugins/frameworks)    
|     └─── textures (preloadede panorama images)

custom MVC disclaimer

The project uses a custom MVC. It was developed by the end of 2013 and it is inspired in codeigniter 2.0 so it follows some of its principles. I did not use Codeigniter or Symfony because I wanted to keep this project simple yet lightweight yet take advantage of the MVC principle.

It's just a proof of concept I did to learn the basics of building an MVC from scratch so it lacks lots of functionalities found on real MVCs out there

It includes

  • basic routing (/app/config/routes.php)
  $routes['proxy/file/([^/]+)/referer/([^/]+)'] = "proxy/file/$1/$2";
  • models
  $photos = $this->flickr_model->getAllPhotos();
  • views
  $data['menu'] = $this->load_view('comun/menu', $data, true);
  $this->load_view('flickr/home', $data);
  • controllers
  • cache system (file based, could be changed to use memcached)
  $cache = $this->cache->get($key,$ttl);
  • helper

It lacks

  • error handling
  • class loaders are quite simple
  • inheritance and DI is not the main feature


  • redesign frontend
  • update three.js version (using:58 - curren:90)
  • add support for mobile sensors (accelerometer)
  • geolocate panoramas (using openStreetMap)
  • add MySQL databases to MVC & use a database instead of JSON files? Namespaces? better Error Control/exception handling? Unit Testing?... maybe use a real MVC framework :P ?

known bugs

  • pressing back (using the interface button) on one of the panoramas shown on the home page returns a "404 Not Found page"
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