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mvvmFX is an application framework which provides you necessary components to implement the MVVM pattern with JavaFX.

MVVM is the enhanced version of the Presentation Model pattern and was created by Microsoft engineers for WPF. JavaFX and WPF does have similarities like data binding and descriptive UI declaration (FXML/XAML). Because of this fact we adopted best practices of the development with the Microsoft technology and introduced new helpers to support the development of applications with JavaFX and MVVM.

Commercial Support Build Status


Maven dependency

Stable Release

This is the stable release that can be used in production.


Bugfix Development Snapshot

Here we make bug fixes for the current stable release.


Development Snapshot

Here we develop new features. This release is unstable and shouldn't be used in production.


Snapshot repository

We use the Sonatype snapshot repository. Maybe you have to add this repository to your <repository> section of the pom.xml.


Get Help

The best way to get help with mvvmFX is to either ask questions on StackOverflow using the tag "mvvmfx" or to use our Google Groups mailing list. Additionally you can create issues, report bugs and add feature requests on the issue tracker at github.


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