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This server generates a png with content fetched from Home Assistant, which can be displayed on a Kindle device which has the Online Screensaver plugin installed.
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Home Assistant Kindle Screensaver

This tool can be used to display a over view of your Home Assistant instance on e.g. a jailbroken Kindle device.

It currently shows the current temperature and renders the history of the last 24hrs and the forecast of a weather component in a graph.

Every minute, an image is generated from a website which is rendered by react. This image is converted into a format, which the Kindle e-ink screens can display. The device can then download the device and display it.


You may simple set up the sibbl/hass-kindle-screensaver docker container. It runs the server on port 5000 and can be configured using the following environment variables:

  • HA_HOST=
  • HA_PORT=443
  • HA_TOKEN=eyJ0... (you need to create this token in Home Assistant first)
  • HA_ENTITY_TEMPERATURE=sensor.outdoor_temperature (state of this entity is displayed as current temperature)
  • HA_ENTITY_WEATHER=weather.openweathermap (temperature and forecast attributes of this entity are used in the graph)
  • MOMENT_TIMEZONE=Europe/London (used for date/time calculations)
  • MOMENT_LANGUAGE=en-US (used for date/time formatting)
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