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IDAScript to create Symbol file which can be loaded in WinDbg via AddSyntheticSymbol
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IDAScript to create pseudos symbol file which can be loaded in WinDbg via IDebug->AddSyntheticSymbol. This script was inspired by this forum post. The addsym.dll is the precompiled version of this post. The difference to the original IDC script is that is focused only on function names which contain a specific token and their internal call-ret addresses. This keeps the symbol file small and speeds up the creation and load time.


Copy the file to your favorite IDAPython folder.

Copy the addsym.dll to the binary path of your windbg installation.


The python script creates sym-entries only for functions which name ends with '_SYM'. So you have to rename the functions you want symbol entries for, e.g. DEADBEEF_sub_fffff**_SYM**.

To create a symbol file ues the following command (be sure to run the script before):

>> 131 syms written to G:\IDAs\YourBin\YourBin.sym

If you don't give a filename the default location of the symbols file will be created in your binary location.

To use the symbols in WinDbg use these commands:

.load addsym
!addsym <modname> <path-of-file> 


MIT (see LICENSE file)

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