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The set of monitoring plugins in this repository is intended to serve as icinga / nagios / .. checks for DANE enabled network services. The central functionality therefore is checking whether the services conforms with the DANE records. However, all service plugins are also supposed to work as the plugin for each service and should be able to monitor all relevant properties.

Getting the Code

The main repository is located at but mirrors can be found on both GitLab and GitHub. Pull request will be processed by mail as well as on both platforms.


The plugins need pyasn1, pyasn1-modules and the python unbound as well as python3. The check_dnssec module needs additionally the python ldns module. Unfortunately the unbound package in Debian only provides python2 modules currently. Building unbound with python3 support from source works fine however.


Unfortunately the problems at hand tend to result in a dependency on OpenSSL which makes plain GPL inviable. Until a proper decision is made you can assume GPLv3 with OpenSSL exception