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A python script to download course contents (videos, ppt, pdf, etc) from
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Coursera Downloader


This is a python script to download coursera lecture videos and files (updated to work with the Jan 2013 updates to coursera platform). has the following features:

  • saves cookies
  • shows download progress
  • can provide multiple coursenames at once has the same features, and works for python v3

Installation and Usage


First edit the file and provide the following details:

  • username
  • password
  • files to download: mp4, srt, txt, pdf, pptx
  • foldermapping: if you want the name of folder different from the coursename
  • downloadpath: files are downloaded to current directory by default

To start downloading, execute in a terminal:
python coursename1 [coursename2 coursename3 ...]
Similarly for python3:
python3 coursename1 [coursename2 coursename3 ...]

Coursename can be determined from the url of the course.

eg: To download lectures of ml class (, execute:
python ml-2012-002

Multiple courses can be entered at once:
python ml-2012-002 crypto-2012-003 algs4partI-2012-001


  • Initially it downloads all the lectures from the beginning.
  • It does not resume incomplete downloads.



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