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Yet another redis proxy based on codis

Please read codis document first. here


  • Install Go and set your GOPATH
  • Install godep go get
  • go get, it will print some messages in console, skip it. :-)
  • cd $GOPATH/src/
  • make

Why xcodis?

  • Supports LedisDB.
  • Supports origin Redis, codis uses a modified version.

Changes from codis

  • Uses db index to represent slot concept in codis.
  • Uses server + db as the connection pool key.
  • slot_num in config must equal redis/ledisdb databases. 16 is the default for redis and ledisdb, if you want to use larger one, you must first change redis/ledisdb databases in config.
  • Uses scan + migrate in redis for slot migration.
  • Uses xmigrate + xmigratedb in ledisdb for slot migration.
  • Removes dashboard.
  • Removes slot rebalance feature.
  • Must set a broker in config.ini, broker is ledisdb or redis.
  • Uses a white command list for ledisdb.
  • Not support atomic tag migration.
  • Not support lua for ledisdb.


  • Tidy up some ugly codes I added. >_<


Thanks Wandoujia, codis is a very awesome application.