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How to develop Java applications for Amazon Web Services

This source code repository is related to this book about how to develop Java applications using Spring Boot to run on Amazon Web Services using Docker container and AWS ECS.

Para ler essa página em Português, clique aqui.

In this example, an application with REST services will be built to query events received through an AWS SQS queue and persisted in an AWS DynamoDB table.

The following is a diagram of the AWS services being used:

Diagrama da aplicação e serviços AWS utilizados

  • To learn these and other application development concepts using Amazon Web Services, be sure to check out this book!

    Also, check out the other code repositories from this book:

    • Project01: In this example, an application will be built with REST services for product registration, in a store context. Such products will be stored in a MySQL database using AWS RDS. For each product registration, deletion, or change operation, an event will be published to an AWS SNS topic, allowing integration with other applications. This application will also import invoice files through AWS S3.
    • Lambda01: This will be a simple example of a serverless application using functions with AWS Lambda, demonstrating how to schedule a function to be executed.
    • Lambda02: In this second example, we will demonstrate how to execute a Lambda function through an event published in the SNS.
    • Lambda03: Here's how to create a Lambda function to consume imported files in S3 and persist its data to a DynamoDB table.
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