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GitHub API library for Emacs
Emacs Lisp Makefile

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docs added basic docs for issues
tests new test for org update
.gitignore ignore TAGS file
.gitmodules Update .gitmodules
.travis.yml Revert "make use of library request.el"
Makefile new minor release change README
gh-api.el oops, accidentally broke cache invalidation
gh-auth.el avoid polluting results with retries package properly
gh-cache.el silence compiler
gh-common.el return default object instead of unbound
gh-gist.el disable history in gist
gh-issue-comments.el Should this be my name?
gh-issues.el Fix invalid key name
gh-oauth.el add github oauth note when creating new oauth token
gh-orgs.el add Local Variables section to disable indent-tabs-mode
gh-pkg.el use pcache 0.3.0 for compatibility with Emacs 25
gh-profile.el Ensure a valid github profile is chosen.
gh-pull-comments.el Add support for Pull Request comments API.
gh-pulls.el Revert "rename gh-user to gh-user-stub"
gh-repos.el Revert "rename gh-user to gh-user-stub"
gh-url.el bind url-registered-auth-schemes in async mode
gh-users.el It is received_events_url not received-events_url.
gh.el use gh-users add tasks file

Build Status

This is a (very early) GitHub client library for Emacs.

This library also allows implementation of the various authentication schemes (password, OAuth).

Implementation is heavily based on EIEIO so that various components can be replaced easily.

Current state:

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