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Python bindings for VMware Orchestrator

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This Python module aims at providing a complete control layer over vCO’s
public interface.

This includes vCO WebService.

By using this module, one can (hopefully) obtain reasonable integration of vCO
in a Python environment, as well as a useful testing environment.

The use cases covered by vmw.vco and this documentation are:

    * Communicate with a vCO using the SOAP interface.

    * Provide a consistent API for synchronous and asynchronous applications
      (Twisted is supported)

    * Write tests targetting vCO.

    * Provide enough information to extend vmw.vco in such a way that the above
      use cases remain consistent.


vmw.vco is best installed using official package:

$ pip install vmw.vco

This will fetch vmw.vco and its dependencies from Pypi
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