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collectd couchdb Plugin

An couchdb collectd plugin which users can use to send metrics from couchdb instances to SignalFx


  • Checkout this repository somewhere on your system accessible by collectd. The suggested location is /usr/share/collectd/
  • Install the Python requirements with sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Configure the plugin (see below)
  • Restart collectd


  • collectd 4.9 or later (for the Python plugin)
  • Python 2.6 or later
  • couchdb 2.0.0 or later


The following are required configuration keys:

  • Host - Required. Hostname or IP address of the CouchDB member
  • Port - Required. The port of the CouchDB member
  • Node - Required. The name of the node in the cluster

Optional configurations keys include:

  • Interval - Interval between metric calls. Default is 10s
  • Username - Username required for authentication of CouchDB.
  • Pasword - Password required for authentication of CouchDB.
  • Node - Name of the CouchDB node in the cluster.
  • LogLevel - Specifies the level of logging.
  • Cluster - Name of the Cluster.
  • EnhancedMetrics - Flag to enable enhanced metrics. Default is False.
  • IncludeMetric - Metrics emitted by _stats endpoint can be included individually.
  • ExcludeMetric - Metrics emitted by _stats endpoint can be excluded individually.
  • Dimension - Add extra dimensions to your metrics

Specify path to keyfile and certificate if certificate based authentication of clients is enabled on your couchdb server

  • ssl_keyfile - path to file
  • ssl_certificate - path to file

Provide a custom file that lists trusted CA certificates, required when keyfile and certificate are provided

  • ssl_ca_certs - path to file

Note that multiple couchdb members can be configured in the same file.

LoadPlugin python
<Plugin python>
  ModulePath "/usr/share/collectd/collectd-couchdb"

  Import couchdb_plugin
  <Module couchdb_plugin>
        Host ""
        Port "15984"
        Interval 10
        LogLevel "debug"
        Cluster "Dev"
        Username "admin"
        Password "admin"
        EnhancedMetrics "True"
        IncludeMetric "counter.couchdb.rexi.buffered"
        ExcludeMetric "counter.couchdb.couchdb.httpd.temporary_view_reads"
        Node "couchdb@couchdb1"

    <Module couchdb_plugin>
        Host ""
        Port "25984"
        Interval 20
        LogLevel "debug"
        Cluster "Dev"
        Username "admin"
        Password "admin"
        Node "couchdb@couchdb2"