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Welcome to the Signal K Specification Wiki

With the imminent release of V1.0.0 of Signal K, this Wiki will provide developers with documentation, application notes and source code to help fast track Signal K implementation.

This Wiki will provide general information about all aspects of Signal K and as more Signal K compatible hardware becomes available we will also provide specific notes on working with different hardware, In the meantime a dedicated Wiki on iKommunicate, the first commercially available Signal K gateway can be found at

Currently Signal K development can be broken down in to five different categories;

  • Consumers - mobile or web apps that "consume" Signal K data
  • Servers - central application server that receives marine data from multiple sources, processes it and serves it up to consumers
  • Gateways - data converters that take NMEA or proprietary marine data and convert to Signal K. In simple Signal K systems you may just have a stand alone gateway and one or more consumers, but in more complex systems there is likely to be one or more gateways and a central server
  • Cloud Services - Applications running on Cloud servers that receive Signal K data from multiple vessels, process, log, archive and present the data to web clients or consumers
  • Sensors - sensors or transducers that connect to a Signal K server/gateway or ultimately produce native Signal K data

Developers can now be confident, with the release of Signal K V1.0.0, that they can start developing any of the above devices, apps or services based on a stable and documented release that will not change. A separate "Bleeding Edge" development branch of Signal K will be released later this summer, to allow Signal K to grow and evolve with new data and APIs, without creating any issues for existing V1.0.0 devices and apps.

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