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Trimmer for generating the SiSEC MUS 2018 previews
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SISEC MUS 2018 Preview Generator

This repository aims to generate 30s excerpts from both the MUSDB18 music data set and the estimated sources submitted by participants of SiSEC MUS 2018.

Previews are generated from a pre-defined cut-list, such as those created using sigsep-mus-cutlist-generator.


  1. Install python3.6 requirements using pip install -r requirements.txt

  2. Trim the reference MUSDB18 using

    python --musdb /path/to/musdb --previews 30s_previews.csv -o previews_output_dir

    where 30s_previews.csv is the cut-list.

  3. Trim the user submissions using:

    python --estimate_root_dir /path/to/my_estimations --previews 30s_previews.csv -o previews_output_dir

3.1. Using GNU Parallel to cut multiple submission folders

parallel python --estimate_root_dir /path/to/all_submissions/{/} --previews 30s_previews.csv  -o /path/to/cut_submissions/{/} ::: /path/to/all_submissions/*
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