Simple socket-based gateway to the Burp Collaborator
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Collaborator gateway for Burp Suite

Simple socket-based gateway to the Burp Collaborator.


  • The gateway listens on TCP port 8452 of the loopback interface.
  • The protocol uses MessagePack serialization without additional framing.
  • Sending 0 or 1 to the gateway results in a string reply containing a new payload, which includes the Collaborator location if the number sent is 1.
  • Sending 2 to the gateway results in a string reply containing the Collaborator location, this can be used to construct FQDNs if the payload was requested with the number 0.
  • Sending a string to the gateway results in the string being interpreted as a payload and the gateway will reply with an array of the interactions with the specified payload. Elements of the array will be maps with string keys, the values will be almost always strings, except for DNS raw queries, HTTP requests and responses and client IP addresses, which will be represented as binaries.

A sample client in Python is provided for easier understanding of the above in the clients directory of this repository, in depends only on the msgpack-python library, run pip install msgpack-python to install it.


  • Install the dependencies, in case of libraries, put the JARs into lib
  • Save the Burp Extender API from Burp and unpack it into src
  • Execute ant, and you'll have the plugin ready in burp-collab-gw.jar



The whole project is available under MIT license, see LICENSE.txt.