Brix is an HTML5, CSS3 and Haxe JS based application framework.
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This project is under development.

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Brix is an HTML5, CSS3 and Haxe JS based application framework.

It provides ready-to-use components to build applications faster. It injects components into your HTML pages to make a Rich UI application out of it. The set of Brix components are aggregable, extendable and skinnable with CSS.

Brix is an alternative to Flex based on HTML/CSS web standards.

What Brix brings to your workflow:

Easier and faster development:

  • build applications out of HTML/CSS pages,
  • industrialize application development by reusing existing components and skins,
  • integration with existing IDEs as it's based on standard technologies: HTML5, CSS3 and Haxe,


  • Brix components are written with Haxe JS which is - contrary to javascript - strictly typed,
  • compilation of HTML and CSS source files (syntax checking, ...),


  • better performances with the compile time components feature.

Brix is compatible with the Cocktail and NME Haxe libraries so it can also be compiled to native applications (Android, iOS, desktop) and AIR/Flash applications. Also, a Brix application compiled to HTML5/CSS3/javascript is compatible with PhoneGap.