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This document is obsolete, it is now in the wiki

#Contribute to Silex

We really appreciate having you involved! Do not hesitate to contact us by email, contact[at]silexlabs[dot]org

Here is how to help and become a Silex contributor. For people wanting to invest a significant amount of time, there are also open positions in Silex team

##Start here

  • subscribe to the newsletter be notified of important news (less than one per month)
  • ask questions in the forum
  • star the project on github (the button is in the top right corner of this page)
  • watch the project on github so you can be notified when other ask questions in the forum (the button is in the top right corner of this page)
  • edit the wiki pages if you discover something!

##Show us that you like Silex

Share Silex with the ones you love. If someone you have informed about Silex releases a website, claim your free t-shirt :)

Get the word out. When you talk about Silex in public, let us know and we will send you stickers!

Organize your Event. Are you active in your local web design community? Whether you're hosting a local Silex meetup, or demoing what Silex can do, let us know how we can help.

Write articles and blog posts. Do not hesitate to draft a blog post and email it through, if we like it we will publish it on Silex Labs blog. Alternatively self publish on your own blog and bump us and we will help promote it.

##Share knowledge

Answer questions. Hunt down people questions being asked about Silex on github and provide a clear answer to their question.

Create tutorials. Create text or video guides and upload them to your favorite video sharing website.

Create marketing tools. Create some marketing material such as memes from the 90s, put it online and send it through to us and we will spam social media and other places.

##Host an instance of Silex

We have more and more people using the online version of Silex. Here you will find instructions to install Silex on a server you own or on a node.js hosting. If you do so, and you feel like maintaining your server over the years, Silex Labs will help you advertise your Silex instance and attract people.

##Help improve Silex code

Write Tests. We are looking forward to build a QA team. Look at the existing functional tests and search through the issues and wiki for outstanding issues to reproduce with tests.

Improve security. Install Silex locally - instructions provided here, and attack it, patch and submit a pull request with a fix then let us know before going public.

##Contribute code and design

It gives you a chance to be helpful to the community and to gain credibility as a person who knows Silex, which is great for building client relationships. After several contributions, you will be added to Silex contributors page.

Give the community a free template. Show off your creative skills, or just release an unsold work with a creative commons license. Let us know, we will help you distribute it and advertize it.

Give the community a free widget. Show off your programming skills, build a widget and release it as open source. Let us know, we will help you distribute it and advertize it.

Contribute code. We are open to contributions to the Silex code. If you find a bug or want to contribute a functionnality, fork Silex source code, make changes and then make a pull request. Please respect the comments and style of the rest of the code, and do not forget to add tests for each added functionality, see the existing functional tests.

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