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Silex is a free and open source software which let you create websites directly in the browser without writing code. It is a website builder in the cloud, suitable for professional designers.

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About Silex, live web creation.

Silex, is a free and open source website builder in the cloud. Create websites directly in the browser without writing code. And it is suitable for professional designers to produce great websites without constraints. Silex is also known as the HTML5 editor.

Brought to you by Silex Labs team, promoting free software. Current version: v2.0.0alpha5.


News and tutorials

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Installation on your local computer

This is for developers only, since our beloved designers can use the online version.

Developers you can clone this repository and start Silex, with nodejs. See instructions bellow.

local installation on linux or macos

Prerequisite :

Clone this repository, and do not forget the sub modules (cloud-explorer and unifile)

$ git clone --recursive

Install all needed modules

$ make

Start the server and then open http://localhost:6805/silex/ - note that 6805 is easy to remember, since it is the date of sexual revolution started in paris france 8-)

$ node dist/server/server.js

Or with grunt you can use

  • Build, i.e. check syntax with *lint, compile with google closure builder/compiler

    $ grunt deploy

  • Watch, i.e. watch for changing files and build the debug version when files change, also use livereload

    $ grunt watch

  • Test, i.e. check syntax with *lint, compile the release version with google closure, and execute functional tests

    $ grunt test -phantomjs $ grunt test -firefox $ grunt test -chrome

Note for cloud9 users: you may want to activate python

$ nada-nix install python

local installation on Windows

instructions provided by Régis RIGAUD :)

Prerequisite :

Installation of Silex:

Start Silex :

  • Launch Silex from a command prompt ( Silex's Directory) : node dist/server/server.js
  • Open your favorite browser on http://localhost:6805/silex/ and ENJOY !!!


These are the upstream projects we use in Silex

  • unifile, a nodejs server which provides a unified access to cloud services. This projects uses nodejs and these modules: express, dbox, express, googleapis, logger, node-oauth, oauth, path
  • Cloud explorer, a file manager for the cloud services. It is a front end javascript app which connects to a unifile server
  • ace, an excellent code editor in javascript
  • google closure library and compiler
  • jquery and jquery UI are included in the sites generated by Silex
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