FieldWorks is a suite of software tools for language and cultural data, with support for complex scripts. (The authoritative version of this repo is on
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.vscode Add VSCode launch, workspace Jun 12, 2018
Bin Update ReadKey and WriteKey .NET runtime usage Dec 11, 2017
Bld Fix LT-18440 Convert Kernel project code to support 64 bit Aug 25, 2017
Build Merge branch 'release/9.0' into develop Aug 15, 2018
DistFiles Merge branch 'release/9.0' into develop Aug 15, 2018
FLExInstaller LT-19288, LT-19306: Install only fonts that haven't been Aug 1, 2018
Include Fix LT-18440 Convert Kernel project code to support 64 bit Aug 25, 2017
Lib Fix access violations to help us find memory corruption Jul 24, 2018
Src Fix: LT-19327 Crash when navigating to Statistics view Aug 15, 2018
TestLangProj LT-18651 - Remove Deadwood (Round 4): Move graphite fonts & TLP to sa… Sep 22, 2017
resources Include all localizations in Typical install May 15, 2018
vagrant Tidy syntax in Vagrantfile Sep 30, 2014
.editorconfig Update .editorconfig Jun 12, 2018
.gitattributes Add VSCode launch, workspace Jun 12, 2018
.gitignore Unit test WxsToWxi (LT-19129) Jun 26, 2018
FW.6.0.ReSharper Cherry-pick license change and a bugfix to release/8.0 Dec 16, 2013
FW.sln.DotSettings Fix unit test names (and some housekeeping) May 18, 2018
License.htm Start Menu Shortcuts (part of LT-19007) Jul 13, 2018
Makefile Fix env setting Jul 9, 2018 Cherry Pick commits from release/8.2 to hotfix/8.1.4 Apr 8, 2015 Add msbuild community tasks Dec 20, 2012 First refreshTargets Nov 19, 2012
environ Use more obvious variable name Feb 27, 2018
environ-other Update to mono-sil_3.4 Apr 21, 2015
environ-xulrunner Merge branch 'hotfix/8.3.13' into develop Apr 4, 2018
fw.code-workspace Add VSCode launch, workspace Jun 12, 2018