Adds Discount and Coupon support for SilverShop
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SilverShop - Discounts

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Allows creating discounts for products / orders.

  • Discount by various criteria, including:
  • Time
  • User group
  • Product/Category
  • Number of uses
  • Order value
  • Shipping zone
  • Coupon codes
  • Gift voucher products
  • Shipping discount

Discounts can be applied to individual products, cart subtotal, or shipping. Discounts can be globally enabled/disabled.


  • SilverShop Module

Installation Instructions

  • Install code to your SilverStripe root directory.

via composer:

	composer require silvershop/discounts dev-master

If you are using the stepped checkout, add the CheckoutStep_Discount checkout step:

    'discount' : 'SilverShop\Discounts\Checkout\Step\CheckoutStepDiscount'

If you would like to display the coupon form seperately to the checkout form, apply the following extension. This will make CouponForm available in the checkout template:

    - SilverShop\Discounts\Extensions\CouponFormCheckoutDecorator

Add the OrderDiscountModifier modifier to your order modifiers yaml config:

    - SilverShop\Discounts\Model\Modifiers\OrderDiscountModifier

Specific Pricing

Extend Product and/or ProductVariation with the SpecificPricingExtension to introduce a pricing table for each product. This allows admins to set prices according to things like, date, and membership group.

Configure as follows:

    - SilverShop\Discounts\Extensions\SpecificPricingExtension