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Adds external full text search engine support to SilverStripe
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FullTextSearch module

Build Status

Adds support for fulltext search engines like Sphinx and Solr to SilverStripe CMS.

Maintainer Contact

  • Hamish Friedlander



See docs/en/


  • Get rid of includeSubclasses - isn't actually used in practice, makes the codebase uglier, and ClassHierarchy can be used at query time for most of the same use cases

  • Fix field referencing in queries. Should be able to do $query->search('Text', 'Content'), not $query->search('Text', 'SiteTree_Content') like you have to do now

    • Make sure that when field exists in multiple classes, searching against bare fields searches all of them

    • Allow searching against specific instances too

  • Make fields restrictable by class in an index - 'SiteTree#Content' to limit fields to a particular class, maybe 'Content->Summary' to allow calling a specific method on the field object to get the text

  • Allow following user relationships (Children.Foo for example)

  • Be clearer about what happens with relationships to stateful objects (e.g. Parent.Foo where Parent is versioned)

  • Improvements to SearchUpdater

    • Make it work properly when in-between objects (the A in A.B.Foo) update

    • Allow user logic to cause triggering reindex of documents when field is user generated

  • Add sphinx connector

  • Add generic APIs for spell correction, file text extraction and snippet generation

  • Better docs

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