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SilverStripe API docs for the core system in different versions, generated through Doctum.

  • The documentation is generated from working copies located in src/. This folder is initially empty, the working copies are created through
  • The PHP code does not have to be accessible through the website, all documents are static HTML files.
  • All generated content to be viewed publicly should be stored in the htdocs/ subfolder.
  • Set up your vhost to serve from htdocs folder.


  • Git
  • Composer
  • PHP 7.3 or newer


  1. Clone the repo to your local development environment
  2. Run composer install which will install Doctum
  3. Run to build the static API docs (will take some time and generates ~900Mb new files)


Generate the Docs

  • Run the script as a cronjob, usually a nightly run at 3am is fine: 0 3 * * * /sites/api/www/

Add a New Version

  • Copy a version section block in doctum.json and ensure you use the appropriate value for versionmap depending on whether the module started its life at version 1 or version 4 (for SilverStripe 4)
  • Run and confirm the generation runs through properly
  • Make a commit of the updated doctum.json
  • Update the redirections in .htaccess to the stable version number (if changing major versions)
  • Make a separate commit with the redirection (explained in deployment below)

Please note: Often the master branch will be representing an unstable major version. When this needs to be updated, please edit search/lookup.php.

Deployment to production

This is now hosted on SilverStripe Platform, you can deploy from the dashboard. is run on a nightly cron as defined in platform.yml.

Symbol Lookup

The project comes with a simple PHP script to convert PHP symbols (classes, methods, properties) to their URL representations in the API docs, and redirects there. The lookup is primarily used by to drive its custom [api:<symbol-name>] links in Markdown, without coupling it tightly to the used API generator URL layout.


  • q: (required) Class name, method name (<class>::<method>() or ->()), as well as property name ((::$ or <class>-><property>).
  • version: (optional) Version of the targeted module. Should map to a folder name. Defaults to trunk. Will switch current unstable major version (e.g. 4) to "master".
  • module: (optional) Module name. Should map to a folder name. Defaults to framework.


  • /search/lookup.php?q=DataObject: Shows DataObject docs in trunk version of framework
  • /search/lookup.php?q=DataObject::get()&version=3.0: Shows DataObject::get() docs in 3.0 version of framework
  • /search/lookup.php?q=DataObject::get()&version=3.0: Shows DataObject::get() docs in 3.6 version of framework (or whatever is the latest stable minor version)
  • /search/lookup.php?q=DPSPayment&module=payment: Shows DPSPayment class docs in the ecommerce module
  • /search/lookup.php?q=SilverStripe\ORM\DataExtension::onBeforeWrite()&version=4: Shows SilverStripe\ORM\DataExtension::onBeforeWrite() docs in master (4.x) version of framework


While SilverStripe self-hosts this project, community contributions to the code are very welcome :) Please check out our guide to contributing code on