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SilverStripe Framework, the MVC framework that powers SilverStripe CMS
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DOCS fix DataList::exclude() code example
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_config ENH PasswordExpirationMiddleware implementation (#9207) Sep 12, 2019
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docs DOCS fix DataList::exclude() code example Sep 15, 2019
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templates NEW: Use templates to render embed shortcodes (closes #8762) Aug 21, 2019
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.codecov.yml Turn off codecov commenting on PRs Oct 12, 2016
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.gitignore Ignore assets dir that can be created on dev/build Sep 29, 2018
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.travis.yml Update sqlite3 dependency for Travis tests using SQLite Sep 11, 2019
.upgrade.yml Add missing upgrade rules for Email class Aug 28, 2019 Add copyright note to May 30, 2016
LICENSE Create licence file so that GitHub (and humans) can more easily find it Feb 12, 2018 Update README to fix issue reporting guidelines link Jan 7, 2019 Support file grammer improvements Mar 27, 2018
_config.php Bump deprecation to 4.0 in preparation for rc and stable tags Aug 29, 2017
_register_database.php NEW: Deprecated PDO in favour of native drivers Jun 11, 2019
behat.yml add behat.yml back, pathed to admin Feb 1, 2019
cli-script.php API Refactor bootstrap, request handling Jun 22, 2017
composer.json NEW: Remove web installer, move to separate package (#9231) Sep 11, 2019
phpcs.xml.dist CS Force spaces around string concat operators Jan 16, 2018
phpunit.xml.dist Actually run CMS tests Feb 8, 2018
sake BUG Ensure sake works when called from any directory Oct 17, 2017
silverstripe_version API CHANGE silverstripe_version file now contains the plain version n… Feb 1, 2012

SilverStripe Framework

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PHP framework forming the base for the SilverStripe CMS ( Requires a silverstripe-installer base project. Typically used alongside the cms module.


See installation on different platforms, and installation from source.


Bugs are tracked on Please read our issue reporting guidelines.

Development and Contribution

If you would like to make changes to the SilverStripe core codebase, we have an extensive guide to contributing code.



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