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Translation possible for clear before import

I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't translate...
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1 parent d6b4606 commit f991401a5274d14671c481a493f91d66d88124d3 @Firesphere Firesphere committed Sep 28, 2012
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@@ -354,7 +354,7 @@ public function ImportForm() {
$fields->push(new LiteralField("SpecFor{$modelName}", $specHTML));
- $fields->push(new CheckboxField('EmptyBeforeImport', 'Clear Database before import', false));
+ $fields->push(new CheckboxField('EmptyBeforeImport', _t('ModelAdmin.EMPTYBEFOREIMPORT', 'Clear Database before import'), false));
$actions = new FieldList(
new FormAction('import', _t('ModelAdmin.IMPORT', 'Import from CSV'))

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