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RayGun.io integration for SilverStripe

This is a simple module that binds RayGun.io to the error & exception handler of SilverStripe.


First, add the composer package as a dependency to your project:

composer require silverstripe/raygun:*


Then, load in the RayGun application key. Thi is defined in _ss_environment.php, like this:

define('SS_RAYGUN_APP_KEY', 'dwhouq3845y98uiof==');

Alternatively, the API key can be defined in a yaml config file, as well as the minimum level for the error reporting

  api_key: 'ABCDEF123456=='
  level: 'SS_Log::WARNING'


Some error data will be too sensitive to transmit to an external service, such as credit card details or passwords. Since this data is very application specific, Raygun doesn't filter out anything by default. You can configure to either replace or otherwise transform specific values based on their keys. These transformations apply to form data ($_POST), custom user data, HTTP headers, and environment data ($_SERVER). It does not filter the URL or its $_GET parameters, or custom message strings. Since Raygun doesn't log method arguments in stack traces, those don't need filtering. All key comparisons are case insensitive.

Example implementation:

class CustomRaygunLogWriter extends RaygunLogWriter {

    function getClient() {
        if(!$this->client) {
            $this->client = new \Raygun4php\RaygunClient($this->apiKey);
                'php_auth_pw' => true,
                '/password/i' => true,
                'firstname' => array($this, 'truncate'),
                'surname' => array($this, 'truncate'),
                'email' => array($this, 'truncate'),

        return $this->client;

     * Truncate value, with special treatment for email addresses,
     * where only the first part is truncated, and the domain is left intact.
    function truncate($key, $val) {
        if(strpos($val, '@') !== FALSE) {
            return preg_replace('/([\w]{4})(.*)@(.*)/', '$1..@$3', $val);
        } else {
            return substr($val, 0, 4) . '...';

Can you ask SilverStripe to use this class for logging by dependency injection, e.g. configured in your app/_config/config.yml:

    class: CustomRaygunLogWriter

More information about accepted filtering formats is available in the Raygun4php documentation.