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Welcome to the BatteryMonitor Project

This project is an Open Source hardware and software project to monitor and log individual battery cell voltages, current from multiple sources and loads, calculate power generated and consumed by each source and load and keep track of battery SOC. The software can also generate alarm outputs. I have also written some webpages to display battery information on any web browser via the internet.

Information on battery data that can be accessed via a web browser is here

Some sample output from the program can be found here

The software can get data input and output commands to/from multiple sources at the same time. I currently have interface modules for

  1. Generic Chinese bluetooth BMS in a variety of configurations and suppliers like this. See here for details on how to set this up.

  2. Hardware that I have designed using the Texas Instruments ADS1115. Details of this can be found here

  3. The Voltronic/Axpert/PIP inverter/chargers. Details on how to set this up can be found here

If you want to ask a question, leave some feedback, ask for a new feature or improvement, or make a suggestion use the Issues tool of this website

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