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#pragma once
class Subsystem;
class Context
Subsystem* GetSubsystem(StringHash type) const;
void InitSDLSystem(unsigned int flag);
void ShutdownSDL();
template<typename T>
T* GetSubsystem(bool required = true) const
T* pSystem = static_cast<T*>(GetSubsystem(T::GetTypeStatic()));
if (pSystem == nullptr)
if (required)
FLUX_LOG(Warning, "[Context::GetSubsystem] System '%s' is not registered", T::GetTypeNameStatic().c_str());
return nullptr;
return pSystem;
template<typename T, typename ...Args>
T* RegisterSubsystem(Args... args)
auto pIt = m_Systems.find(T::GetTypeStatic());
if (pIt != m_Systems.end())
FLUX_LOG(Warning, "[Content::RegisterSubsystem] > A subsystem with type '%s' is already registered", T::GetTypeNameStatic().c_str());
return nullptr;
m_SystemCache.push_back(std::make_unique<T>(this, args...));
Subsystem* pSystem = m_SystemCache[m_SystemCache.size() - 1].get();
StringHash type = pSystem->GetType();
m_Systems[type] = pSystem;
return static_cast<T*>(pSystem);
//A collection of subsystems
std::unordered_map<StringHash, Subsystem*> m_Systems;
//Vector to keep order of destruction
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<Subsystem>> m_SystemCache;
int m_SdlInits = 0;
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