Phaser 3, Webpack 4, Babel 7+boilerplate and a scaffold
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About Create Phaser App

Quickly prototype and build the Phaser game you want to make! Develop in Phaser faster than before.



This project is under development. The goal is to start with a boilerplate, but transition into a scaffold with various development tools. Many dev tools are here now, but many are yet to come. Examples are the bundle analysis and complexity analysis.

This project can be used right now as a boilerplate, even without the eventual scaffolding features. It is a complete build using all the latest versions of Webpack, Babel and Phaser, and has an idiomatic project structure. Just follow the Quickly Start Instrructions!



  • Webpack 4
  • babel 7 +
  • Es6 support
  • Prettier Style
  • Easy deployment to gh-pages
  • Webpack bundle analyzer
  • Browsersync
  • Project Complexity analysis yarn complexity-report
  • Tilemap processing (extrusion and minification)

Quickly start

  1. Clone the repo
  2. yarn install
  3. yarn start

#Play the Demo!

The work in progress is here: 🕹️Working Example Of Create Phaser App

Click to begin. Its currently a simple level, but soon will eventually integrate examples of level triggers, create behavior, and Game UI.


  • W,A,S,D = walk/aim
  • Space = jump
  • Shift = boost/slide


  • ← = Vulcan Cannon
  • ↑ = Missile (WIP)
  • ↓ = Laser (WIP)
  • → = PLasma Thrower (WIP)