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A Mac application which shows the current temperature using a Thermodo device.

Read more about the Thermodo device at

Use at your own risk. Seriously.

The ThermodoSDK currently used in the application is an early version and I had to workaround some quirks. This means that your computer might blow up or do the Harlem Shake. But it probably won't.


The easiest way to install Temperatus is to grab the latest version from the releases and install it like any other application.

If, however, you like to do it the difficult way, you are welcome to clone the repository and build the app yourself.

Wait, I can't hear Miley Cyrus?

That's right. Just like your iPhone or Android phone, your Mac won't blast Miley Cyrus when a Thermodo is plugged in. If you want to twerk, you will have to unplug your Thermodo.

Why does it melt my brain when I plug in my earpods?

That's because the Thermodo SDK plays a funny noise to do its voodoo. Deal with it.

I think it behaves a little odd...

It probably does behave a little odd now and then. I haven't found any issues but there could be. As mentioned earlier, it uses an early version of the Thermodo SDK. That might cause issues.

Maybe there are bugs in the app. I don't know of any but please open an issue or even better: send a pull request, if you find a bug.

Boring stuff

The app is developed by @simonbs. Thanks to @robocat for letting me publish the app and lending me the image used in the icon and in the status bar.


Yes, there's a license. You can read it here.


A Mac application which shows the current temperature using a Thermodo device




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