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General changes in the hledger project (and notable all-package releases). For package-specific changes and minor releases, see the hledger package changelogs.


  • ;fix: doc: update help/help-feedback links (#1807)

  • stack: note 9.0.2 blocker

  • ;doc: RELEASING: updates

  • ;doc: RELEASING: updates

  • ;ci: linux: drop unused release steps

  • ci: win: fix shell mismatch

  • ci: win: fix skipping of all steps, part 2

  • ci: win, mac: fix skipping of all steps

  • ;tools: release: push current HEAD, not master

  • ;tools: make stack fixes

  • ;doc: update changelogs





  • A new addon script: bin/hledger-number

  • A new invoice making script: examples/invoicing/invoice-script/invoice


  • RELEASING: new glossary, process updates

  • examples: multicurrency.journal


  • tools: releaseprep script

  • Make HLS work on tools/*

  • Move hie.yaml out of the way; for all except arm mac users, hls probably works better without it.

  • Make hackageupload: this now only works from a branch named VERSION-branch or (possible future naming) VERSION-release. Ie, major releases from master are no longer allowed; a release branch is always required,

  • ci: push, pull: clarify, robustify? commitlint step

  • ci: win, mac: don't commitlint, let push/pull cover that

  • ci: more consistent workflow, branch, binary names

  • ci: linux-x64: try ghc 8.10.4 -> 9.0.1

  • make ghci[d]-ui uses older ghc 8.10 to avoid ghc 9.0-triggered failures.

1.24.1 2021-12-10


  • More platform notes for setting LEDGER_FILE.

  • Clarify which commands support which output formats and data layouts.

  • Note that hyphenated field names are allowed in CSV rules.

  • Fix some table layouts in non-HTML docs.

1.24 2021-12-01


  • bin/hledger-check-fancyassertions.hs: fix ugly assertion parse errors. (ShrykeWindgrace)

  • bin/hledger-check-tagfiles.hs: Update description, clarify wording. (Pranesh Prakash)


  • Account types: prioritise the short one-letter names, hide the deprecated legacy syntax.

  • Directives: a more compact and accurate overview.

  • examples/templates/basic: A new starter file set, and a place to collect them.

  • Expose more developer docs as separate web pages: CHANGELOGS, COMMITS, RELEASING, etc.

  • Fix a link to developer workflows. (Joaquin "Florius" Azcarate)


  • PR template: Fix our github PR template to use proper comment syntax, and link to more relevant docs. (toonn)

  • cabal.project: Drop obsolete compatibility comment. (#1365, toonn)

  • Bump default stackage snapshot to one avoiding buggy happy version.

  • bin/changelog: a new helper making changelog edits more pleasant.

  • make throughput{,-dev,-EXE}: reports transactions per second for a range of file sizes with the hledger in PATH, hledger dev build, or named hledger executable.

  • make install-as-FOO: build executables and save as bin/hledger*-FOO

  • perf: for comparative benchmarking with Ledger.

  • CI: commitlint: be more forgiving when we can't figure out recent commits (don't check any).

  • CI: commitlint: recognise any commit starting with ‘Merge’ as a merge commit (and ignore it). (Stephen Morgan)

1.23 2021-09-21


  • The bin/hledger-check-fancyassertions.hs addon script, allowing more complex balance assertions, works again. (#1464, Stephen Morgan)

  • Many code cleanups suggested by hlint (Stephen Morgan)


  • Added a public to the hledger repo and website.

  • Website updates:

    • Reorganised site content.
    • Improved page tables of contents.
    • Content fixes.
    • New docs: Currency conversion. hledger and Beancount/GnuCash/Ledger/Quicken.
  • New examples: systemd and nginx configs for hledger-web (Alan Young)


  • make site-watch works again

  • make list-commits and make showauthors show those things.

  • Shake cabalfiles now uses (and requires) hpack in $PATH, to avoid building. It should be the version that's in the current stack release, to avoid commit conflicts.

  • shake: changelogs: A leading semicolon now means "skip most CI steps", not "omit from changelog".

  • ci: most steps are skipped if commit message begins with ;.

  • hledger developers now use GHC 9.0/stackage nightly by default. (#1503)

  • Our doctests are disabled with GHC 9 for now to work around an upstream bug. (#1503, #1615)

  • bin/commitlint is a new tool for hledger developers which checks and describes new commit conventions which simplify maintenance of change docs and releasing. It can be run locally while developing, manually or as a pre-commit hook (ln -sf ../../bin/commitling .git/hooks/commit-msg), and is also run by our CI workflows to check pull requests., (#1602)

1.22 2021-07-03


  • We now provide static executables for GNU/Linux on x64 (amd64) and arm32v7 architectures. These are more portable and more likely to work on your linux system than the dynamic Ubuntu executables we have been providing. These will also be useful for users. (#1571) (Garret McGraw)

  • GHC 9.0 is now officially supported, and GHC 8.0, 8.2, 8.4 are not; building hledger now requires GHC 8.6 or greater.


  • The info manuals now have the proper metadata so you or your packager can install them with install-info and they will appear in info's Directory. We also provide a dir file making it easy for developers to see the latest dev manuals in their info Directory. (#1585) (Damien Cassou, Simon Michael)


  • The hledger IRC channels (, moved to

  • The hledger Matrix room (, is now on at least equal "official" footing with the IRC channel.

  • I upgraded the matrix room to a newer version of the Matrix protocol. This effectively splits it into an old (read only) room and a new room. If you are joined to the old room, you might not have noticed; in your matrix client, please follow the link to the new room, ie

  • I briefly bridged the IRC and matrix rooms, because having two chats (four if we consider #plaintextaccounting) is a pain. I hope to try the experiment again at some point.

1.21 2021-03-10

  • roi has a new cookbook doc, and example files have been updated. (Dmitry Astapov)

  • Example CSV rules for the Daedalus wallet have been added.

  • The default stackage resolver/GHC version has been bumped to lts-17.4/ghc-8.10.4.

  • tools/generatejournal now includes more commodities and prices in generated journals. (Stephen Morgan)

  • Our functional tests now also run on BSD. (#1434, Felix Van der Jeugt)

  • Addon scripts in bin/ have been updated for latest hledger API (Stephen Morgan).

  • Addon scripts are now compiled as part of our CI tests, and always with the same version of hledger source they were shipped with. We now require script users to check out the hledger source tree and run the scripts (or, bin/ from there. This keeps users and tests in sync, making things more reliable for everyone. (#1453)

  • Last but not least, hledger's bash completions (provided in ./shell-completions/) have been thoroughly updated (#1404, #1410, Vladimir Zhelezov).

    "This was supposed to be just a fix for #1404 but upon visiting the source several issues became apparent and that is why the commit grew a bit more than expected. A complete list of changes below:

    • Fix #1404. No more orphaned temporary directories. Commands, options, etc. that used to be stored in there are included at build-time as here documents in the source.

    • Fix artifacts in /tmp after build. Upon fixing the above I became aware that the build itself was leaving behind a heap of artifacts in /tmp that were not taken care of with a make clean. Fixed by using temporary files and directories in the build directory. Makefile and build scripts adjusted.

    • Produce command aliases. Regular expressions in build scripts changed to produce all command aliases except single letter ones (see below)

    • Do not propose single letters completions. It is simply not useful and adds a lot of noise. It makes completion slower as well because you need to hit yes on the prompt: Display all 200 possibilities? (y or n) now excludes those.

    • Query filters simplified. Keep only the prefix of the filter with the colon in query-filters.txt. This change has two reasons:

    • Single letter completions are not useful (see above). It allows for completion suggestions specific to each Bonus reason: it's a completion engine, not a user manual. Fix completion impacts on global environment The completion script was making a couple of changes to the global environment which had an impact for the rest of the shell session.

    • set -o pipefail: the change is hidden from the user and could lead to subtle errors throughout the shell session. COMP_WORDBREAKS=" ": this affects subsequent completions for us and other programs too. I exclude the colon : from its value and use compopt -o filenames to handle escaping of special characters for us. I would like to find a solution without messing with COMP_WORDBREAKS but it is not straight forward.

    • Fix hiding of legit subcommands. Completion was hiding all possibilities if a subcommand happens to be the prefix of another. On typing balance, one should be proposed balancesheet and balancesheetequity as well.

    • Return early. Try to complete depending on the current context and return immediately if successful. Keep completion list relevant and as short as possible.

    • Context aware completion

      Add handlers for option parameter completion, see _hledger_compreply_optarg() Add handlers for query filters:, see _hledger_compreply_query() Use --file and --rules-file arguments when proposing completions for the above, see _hledger() Propose only top level accounts at first. Again, keep it short and focused. Custom compgen wrapper compgen is fairly complicated. There is no way to feed it a word list with literals. It will mangle your input in so many ways that we cannot trust it. To work around this several wrappers are used: _hledger_compgen() works with _hledger_quote_by_ref() to process and escape newline separated input which is then fed to compgen and finally in COMPREPLY through _hledger_compreply() and _hledger_compreply_append(). It sounds messy and I guess it is, I would like to find a more straight forward way to do it. I think it is still a way better and safer interface with readline than trying to grep our way through.

    • Replace declare with local. Again, this script is sourced by the shell -- keep variable scopes as narrow as possible. Oops, they are actually synonymous when used in a function but local declares our intentions explicitly.

    • Use compopt -o nosort. Often I resort to using it to keep different groups of completions together. Whether this is more ergonomic or not is subjective. But our input lists are already sorted at build-time so why not. Sort manually query-filters.txt when editing it.

    • Remove irrelevant comments. And add some new ones :)

    I think that is all. Give it a spin, try to abuse it, in and outside of quotes, with some funky accounts, payees, tags, whatever, and tell me where it breaks or behaves unexpectedly."

1.20.4 2021-01-29

1.20.3 2021-01-14

  • The run/compile instructions for add-on scripts in bin/ have been updated. The scripts now use stack runghc and are tested (manually with make functest for now) with the corresponding hledger source, not the hledger on stackage.

1.20 2020-12-05

  • examples: clean up & add more budgeting examples

  • examples: stripe csv

  • The functional tests in tests/ have been moved into the respective packages, eg hledger/test/ and hledger-ui/test/.

  • Shake cabalfiles: now gives an error when it fails

  • make bench: add some large tabular reports; run just the slowest commands by default; run after make (func)test

  • a hie.yaml file has been added, so hledger source loads easily in IDEs supporting haskell-language-server


  • Update shell completions (Jakob Schöttl)

1.19 2020-09-01

  • example scripts:

    • stack scripts now use stack's script command consistently
    • stack scripts no longer have explicit --package lists, stack infers them from the imports
    • hledger-print-location: new script
  • CI:

    • always recompile all modules for robustness
    • generate optimised binaries, which can be downloaded
    • build a single different GHC version with each workflow, reducing total building and carbon footprint a bit
    • stop building with GHC 8.0
  • the default stack file now uses lts 16.12 (ghc 8.8.4)

1.18.1 2020-06-21

  • provide CI binaries for windows, mac & gnu/linux

1.18 2020-06-07

  • new example scripts:

    • hledger-combine-balances.hs, hledger-balance-as-budget.hs (Dmitry Astapov)
    • hledger-check-tag-files.hs, hledger-check-tag-files2.hs
  • more CSV rule examples: coinbase, waveapp

  • new CI (continuous integration) system using Github Actions. Thanks to Travis and Appveyor for their service to date. Improvements:

    • one CI service instead of several
    • more closely integrated with code repo
    • tests run on the three main platforms (linux, mac, windows)
    • harmless commits are ignored automatically ([ci skip] no longer needed for doc commits)
    • scheduled and on-demand testing (push to master, push to ci-* branches, pull request, weekly)
    • now tested: all GHC versions, doctests, haddock building
    • new shortcut url:

1.17 2020-03-01

  • hledger-install: re-enable installation of hledger-iadd & hledger-interest.

  • hledger-install: bump minimum stack version to 1.9.1 1.7.1 fails with deps using newer cabal file syntax I believe.

  • hledger-install: always do stack update, to help ensure we get the latest packages.

  • examples: Add a basic example of rule parsing for the output of csb2format. (Evilham) csb2format deals with the CSB43/AEB43 format, which all banks operating in Spain must support. Having these example rules enables easens bootstraping for users with a Spanish bank account.

  • doc: simpler, clearer structure in the manuals and sidebar

  • doc: a new Quick Start page

  • doc: a new Common Tasks section in the hledger manual

  • doc: a new invoicing how-to:

  • doc: Fix dead pointer in contributing (Aleksandar Dimitrov)

  • doc: Fix build badges for Travis and AppVeyor (Rui Chen)

1.16 2019-12-01

  • add support for GHC 8.8, base-compat 0.11 (#1090)

  • drop support for GHC 7.10

  • add descriptions to most issue tracker labels

  • now redirects to a more readable/useful url

1.15 2019-09-01

  • install: bump to lts-14.4, hledger 1.15, drop hledger-api

  • bump versions to 1.15

  • api: drop from Shake scripts

  • new unified website: now has its own git repo, has absorbed the github wiki, and is generated with Sphinx.

  • hledger-api's functionality is now included in hledger-web, and the hledger-api package is mothballed.

  • updated, now also works on FreeBSD 12 (zieone)

  • bin/ addon scripts: hledger-swap-dates added; hledger-check, hledger-smooth updated. (#1072)

  • shell-completion/ scripts: updated (Jakob Schöttl)

  • github: FUNDING.yml / sponsor button configured

  • site: Wine option added to download page

  • tools: generatejournal updates: vary amount, make reports with fewer zeroes, start from a fixed year to keep tests stable, also generate P records. (#999)

  • tools: make, shake, CI: misc. updates

  • doc: add a README for the functional tests, linked from contrib guide

  • hledger-makeitso has been renamed to hledger-flow (Andreas Pauley)

  • The hledger docker image is now based on the "haskell" image (Dmitry Astapov)

1.14 2019-03-01

  • website: now uses https, home page updates, download page improved package list with status badges. Also the github wiki pages are now rendered as part of, like the main site pages (with pandoc markdown and tables of contents). Building the site now requires that a copy of the wiki is checked out under wiki/.

  • bash completion support: removed duplicate options, added new options, stopped listing -h as a command, added some completion for external addon commands.

  • release automation improvements

  • makefile cleanups; make site-liverender helps with local site preview

1.13 (2019/01/02)

  • packaging: A docker image providing the main hledger tools is now linked on the download page. This is another way to get up-to-date hledger tools without building them yourself (and, a way to run hledger-ui on windows ?) (Dmitry Astapov, Simon Michael)

  • fix installation of stack when .local/bin is not in PATH (Dmitry Astapov)

  • doc: fixed pandoc typography conversion in web manuals. Eg -- was being rendered as en-dash. (#954).


  • developer docs have moved from the wiki into (#920)

  • new streamlined changelog update process. Shake targets:

    ./Shake changelogs
    ./Shake PKG/
    ./Shake PKG/

    update the project-wide and/or package changelogs, inserting new commits (touching the respective directory, since the tag version or commit hash which is the first word in the changelog's previous top heading) at the top, formatted as changelog entries.

  • ./Shake PKG - builds a package plus its embedded docs. ./Shake build - builds all the packages and their embedded docs. ("stack build PKG" does not notice changes in embedded doc files.)

  • make ghci-shake - loads Shake.hs in ghci

  • make tags - includes doc source files, hpack/cabal files, Shake.hs

  • make site-livereload - opens a reloading browser view on the website html (requires livereloadx)

  • added a Dockerfile and helper scripts (Dmitry Astapov)

  • doc files and hpack/cabal files are included in TAGS again

1.12 (2018/12/02)