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.sandstorm Add --capabilities-header to launcher.sh Jun 24, 2018
bin smooth: smoothes out irregular transactions (experimental addon) Jul 16, 2018
checks update dev setup tests Mar 17, 2015
doc doc: update manuals harder, they should say 1.10.99 Jul 4, 2018
examples csv: examples: more coinbase rules Jul 16, 2018
hledger-api cabal: bump tested-with declarations Aug 2, 2018
hledger-install install: silence not found warnings for uninstalled tools Jul 17, 2018
hledger-lib doc: journal: fix Transaction Modifiers formatting Aug 14, 2018
hledger-ui cabal: bump tested-with declarations Aug 2, 2018
hledger-web cabal: bump tested-with declarations Aug 2, 2018
hledger make these modules loadable in a GHCI with OverloadedStrings set Aug 3, 2018
site site: home: update from wiki Aug 5, 2018
tests tools: make functest: also run unit tests Aug 3, 2018
tools Shake, tools/pandoc-site.{hs => lua}: switch to building site with Lu… May 21, 2018
.appveyor.yml tools: appveyor: show bin dir, indicating cache status (#832) Jul 17, 2018
.ci .ci: track generated md files as well May 21, 2018
.ctags tools: remove some more hakyll-std traces May 9, 2018
.editorconfig fix datepicker not closing, linting Dec 30, 2017
.ghci tools: .ghci file to control prompt Mar 29, 2017
.gitignore merge gitignore May 26, 2018
.hlint.yaml tools: replace old hlint config with yaml file Feb 15, 2018
.mailmap doc: use consistent spelling of Mykola Orliuk Mar 27, 2017
.travis-maybe-skip.sh tools: travis: note occasional breakage on PRs Oct 16, 2017
.travis.yml travis: comment, webhook test May 18, 2018
.version bump version to 1.10.99 (dev) Jul 4, 2018
LICENSE add LICENSE Oct 1, 2008
Makefile tools: make functest: build hledger and test that, without installing Aug 14, 2018
Makefile.old tools: archive old Makefile and start afresh Jul 12, 2015
README.md doc: fix readme markdown formatting on github Oct 31, 2017
Shake.hs doc: fix generation of 1.10 manual html Jul 4, 2018
bench.sh tools: make bench: disable slowest 10k-txn benchmarks by default Dec 5, 2017
cabal-install.sh cabal-install: do a cabal update Feb 17, 2018
cabal.project Add a cabal.project file (#411) Oct 5, 2016
dev.hs dev.hs fix May 11, 2018
help-system.mk tools: make help headings tweak Aug 16, 2017
stack-ghc7.10.yaml ui: support/require fsnotify Jun 5, 2018
stack-ghc8.0.yaml ui: support/require fsnotify Jun 5, 2018
stack-ghc8.2.yaml ui: support/require fsnotify Jun 5, 2018
stack.yaml stack: bump to latest nightly resolver Jul 10, 2018



lightweight, portable, dependable accounting tools

hledger is a computer program for easily tracking money, time, or other commodities, on unix, mac and windows (and web-capable mobile devices, to some extent).

It is first a command-line tool, but there are also curses-style and web interfaces, and a Haskell library (http://hackage.haskell.org/package/hledger-lib) for building your own programs and scripts (hledger is written in Haskell). hledger was inspired by and is largely compatible with Ledger. hledger is free software available under the GNU General Public License v3+.

hledger aims to help both computer experts and regular folks to gain clarity and control in their finances and time management, but currently it is a bit more suited to techies. I use it every day to:

  • track spending and income
  • see time reports by day/week/month/project
  • get accurate numbers for client billing and tax filing
  • track invoices

Though limited in features, hledger is lightweight, usable and reliable. For some, it is a simpler, less distracting, more future-proof alternative to Quicken or GnuCash.

For more, see http://hledger.org.



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