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jQuery plugin to make easy toggle buttons

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jQuery Toggles

Want to create easy toggle buttons that you can click, drag, animate, use to toggle checkboxes and more? Yeah.

Examples can be seen here.

Basic Usage

Using jQuery Toggles is easy...

// Simplest way:

// With options (defaults shown below)
  drag: true, // allow dragging the toggle between positions
  click: true, // allow clicking on the toggle
  text: {
    on: 'ON', // text for the ON position
    off: 'OFF' // and off
  on: true, // is the toggle ON on init
  animate: 250, // animation time
  transition: 'swing', // animation transition,
  checkbox: null, // the checkbox to toggle (for use in forms)
  clicker: null, // element that can be clicked on to toggle. removes binding from the toggle itself (use nesting)
  width: 50, // width used if not set in css
  height: 20, // height if not set in css
  type: 'compact' // if this is set to 'select' then the select style toggle will be used

// Getting notified of changes, and the new state:
$('.toggle').on('toggle', function (e, active) {
  if (active) {
  } else {

Advanced Usage

Setting toggle states

// initiate a new Toggles class
  on: true

// the underlying Toggles class can be accessed
var myToggle = $('.toggles').data('toggles');

console.log(; // true
console.log(; // false

// set the state to 'false'
// will not do anything if the state is already false
console.log(; // false

// passing a boolean in place of options on an active toggle element
// will set the state
console.log(; // true

// the toggle-active data attribute stores the state too
console.log($('.toggles').data('toggle-active')); // true

Using data-toggle-* attributes on the element

Any of the following options can be set using data-toggle attributes: on, drag, click, width, height, animate, easing, type

<div class="toggles" data-toggle-on="true" data-toggle-height="20" data-toggle-width="60"></div>
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