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An example of a typical website that implements SimpleLogin.
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This is an example of a typical website that implements SimpleLogin. The code is deployed on

Feel free to remix it on ✌️

Upon successful login, you will see the information that the website receives when you sign in with SimpleLogin.

This website also features Facebook login for comparison.

This is a front-end only web-app, none of your data is saved or used 🙂, even for analytics purpose.

This project depends on:

  • Bootstrap 4
  • VueJS

It works immediately with SimpleLogin as SimpleLogin whitelists localhost to facilitate development.

For Facebook, unfortunately you would need to find a way to run a https server as Facebook SDK does not allow plain http on local:

<script async defer crossorigin="anonymous"
  • run a https server and serve the code through this server. We recommend ngrok as a quick way to run a http server.

These steps are required because Facebook SDK does not allow http://localhost by default.

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