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Simple Invoices

Join the chat at Making invoicing rock since '05.


SimpleInvoices using gitsubmodules to load the Zend Framework.
When cloning the repository use the --recursive option to ensure that Zend is retrieved.
git clone --recursive

If a non-release download of the SI code is taken from GitHub (instead of a recursive repo clone), then download the Zend v1.11 library manually and expand it into the library/Zend folder.


Note: It is advised to use the Bleeding Edge Code as that has been stable for quite some time now.




Get Involved

We also have a mailing list for tracking commit activity. This is hosted on Google Groups. You can find it here:!forum/simpleinvoices-trac


We are proud that SimpleInvoices is currently available in 41 different languages but we would love for that number to be even bigger!

If you would like to help translate SimpleInvoices into your language check out our translation project. Download updated and additional languages only if logged in there.

For more information refer:

Reporting Bugs

Please use the issue tracker on GitHub when reporting bugs.

Developers: There are still a number of open issues on the old Google Code issue tracker if you are looking for something to fix.

Known Issues

  • Heart Internet Users -- There is currently an issue with exporting invoices to PDF. Images are not currently being rendered in the PDF. We are working on resolving this issue but unfortunately we do not yet have a fix. We recommend that you use a different hosting service if you need to export PDF invoices.