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SimpleManager docker container

The SimpleManager webapp in a docker container.


  • git, docker and docker-compose 😊
# Debian / Ubuntu
sudo apt install git docker docker-compose

Quick install

Get the docker sources:

git clone --depth 1
cd simplemanager-docker

Start the containers:

sudo docker-compose up -d

Run the installation of SimpleManager:

sudo docker-compose exec simplemanager sma-install

Advanced install

To install SimpleManager more securely, with public access:

  • Get the docker sources (as in quick install)
  • Edit the .env file and define:
    • the sgbd password,
    • the admin email,
    • the host on which simplemanager will be hosted.
  • Start the container and run install (as in quick install).
  • Update the administrator password in SimpleManager webapp.
  • In the sources volume:
    • Update etc/application.php (including the smtp configuration).


Use the sma command to manage technical features of your webapp:

$ docker-compose exec simplemanager sma

  Usage: sma <command> [options]

      test: Application unit tests
     clean: Clean cache
    appgen: Launch SMA application generators (static quick access classes)
      tick: Execute deferred actions (log register, cache generation...)
     index: Global search engine indexation
    backup: Account backup
   recover: Account recovery
    delete: Delete an account from database
      list: List accounts (arg 1 = filter)
     stats: Build form & survey stats (arg 1 = form class)
   install: SimpleManager installation process
  generate: Generate DB models, helpers and auto-updatable classes
      help: Display this message

Technical information feedback:

  • Go to Administration -> Journaux in SMA interface (warnings)
    • Note: run sma tick to update the online log
  • Consult files in sources::var/log (errors)

To explore the simplemanager container you can run:

sudo docker-compose exec simplemanager bash


SimpleManager interface