High-performance, low-memory-footprint, single-file embedded database for key/value storage
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LDBA - a fast, pure PHP, key-value database.


LDBA is a high-performance, low-memory-footprint, single-file embedded database for key/value storage and retrieval written in pure PHP.

It is inspired by Erlang's Dets and Berkeley DB sofware and includes implementation of extended linear hashing for fast key/value access and implementation of a fast buddy storage allocator for file space management.

LDBA supports insertion and deletion of records and lookup by exact key match only. Applications may iterate over all records stored in a database, but the order in which they are returned is undefined. Fault tolerance is achieved by automatic crash recovery thanks to transactional style writes. The size of LDBA files cannot exceed 2GB.

LDBA provides functions compatible with php_dba (Database Abstraction Layer) for easy adoption in existing software.

Requirements: PHP 5.4+

The library is being used, for example, as base storage interface in the PrivMX WebMail software.


Run the following command to install the lib via composer:

composer require simplito/ldba-php

An example

$dbh = ldba_open("test.ldb", "c");
if (ldba_exists("counter", $dbh)) {
    $counter = intval(ldba_fetch("counter", $dbh));
} else {
    $counter = 0;
ldba_replace("counter", $counter + 1);