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Simple REST Website

A simple website demonstrating CRUD, built using AngularJS, and powered by Simple REST API.


You will need:

Getting Started

  1. Run the following commands

    git clone
    cd simple-rest-website
    npm install -g serve
    serve public
  2. Navigate to localhost:3000.

  3. Hooray! Now you can interact with the API running on heroku! How simple was that??

Running your own API server

If you would like to run your own api, then 1. head over to Simple REST API and follow the directions there to run the API.

  1. Update public/app/app.js to use the local api server at http://localhost:1337/api/

  • Note: If you want to use the version without authentication, checkout the "without-auth" branch. Be sure to do the same in the simple-rest-api repo. Restart the API if necessary.