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Julia wrapper for PhreeqcRM package

This package wraps all the C functions of the PhreeqcRM package, except the MPI functions (I did not know how to do it).


Open Julia and type Pkg.clone(
Note that on windows, a compiled dll is provided in the deps folder. In addition, you need to have Visual Studio 2015 with C++ tools installed for all the library dependencies. You can download the community edition for free.
On Linux, you have to download and build PhreeqcRM yourself, with the default options. I will try to provide the precompiled binaries, but I don't know how to ask Julia to download the correct library during installation (help please!).


  • add a test functions
  • connect and use it with JFVM.jl package
  • Make the syntax more convenient, particularly regarding the usage of Int and Int32
  • Wrap IPhreeqc functions as well
  • Write some convenience functions, and perhaps a phreeqcrm type
  • add more tests for cases without transport


This package is written by Ali Akbar Eftekhari. I use my personal time for its development, but I use it in my work at DHRTC.
PhreeqcRM and other Phreeqc programs are developed and distributed by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).