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Zotino is a 32-channel, 16-bit DAC EEM with an update rate of 1MSPS (divided between the channels). It was designed for low noise and good stability. This project originated here: https://github.com/m-labs/sinara/wiki/Zotino.

Artiq docs/drivers link will be added once they are written!

Zotino v1.1 top


  • Current hardware revision: Rev 1.1
  • Width: 4HP
  • Channel count: 32
  • Resolution: 16-bit
  • Update rate: 1MSPS, which may be divided arbitrarily between the channels
  • Analogue bandwidth: 3rd-order Butterworth response with 75kHz cut-off; ?V/s slew-rate
  • Output voltage: ±10V
  • Output impedance: 470Ohm in parallel with 2.2nF
  • DAC: AD5372BCPZ
  • EEM connectors: power and digital communication supplied by a single EEM connector.
  • Power consumption: 3W without load, 8.7W with max load on all channels.

Measurements and simulations

Temperature stability: To do, but include self-heating. Worst-case OpAmp self-heating is about 25C. At 0.2ppm/C, this is 4ppm, which is fine!

**WIP -- will complete when measurements are made! **

  • noise data...
  • Add image of transfer function from schematics
  • Add image of noise spectrum
  • Add images of any measurements


  • Zotino connects the 32 channels to both (a) a HD68 connector on its front panel and (b) to four IDC connectors on the board.
  • HD68-to-HD68 cables are available from various sources.
  • At the remote end, the HD68 connection can be broken out to four IDC connectors using HD68-IDC.
  • Each IDC connection with 8 channels (either directly from Zotino or from the HD68-IDC board) can be broken out to BNC using BNC-IDC. That board can be placed in the same crate as Zotino or remotely together with HD68-IDC.
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