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@ehmicky ehmicky released this 06 Jun 17:44
· 8 commits to main since this release

This release includes a new set of methods to exchange messages between the current process and a Node.js subprocess, also known as "IPC". This allows passing and returning almost any message type to/from a Node.js subprocess. Also, debugging IPC is now much easier.

Moreover, a new gracefulCancel option has also been added to terminate a subprocess gracefully.

For a deeper dive-in, please check and share the release post!

Thanks @iiroj for your contribution, @SimonSiefke and @adymorz for reporting the bugs fixed in this release, and @karlhorky for improving the documentation!


  • Passing 'ipc' to the stdio option has been deprecated. It will be removed in the next major release. Instead, the ipc: true option should be used. (#1056)
- await execa('npm', ['run', 'build'], {stdio: ['pipe', 'pipe', 'pipe', 'ipc']});
+ await execa('npm', ['run', 'build'], {ipc: true});
- import {execaCommand} from 'execa';
+ import {execa} from 'execa';

- await execaCommand('npm run build');
+ await execa`npm run build`;

const taskName = 'build';
- await execaCommand(`npm run ${taskName}`);
+ await execa`npm run ${taskName}`;

const commandArguments = ['run', 'task with space'];
await execa`npm ${commandArguments}`;

If the file and/or multiple arguments are supplied as a single string, parseCommandString(command) can split that string into an array. More info. (#1054)

- import {execaCommand} from 'execa';
+ import {execa, parseCommandString} from 'execa';

const commandString = 'npm run task';
- await execaCommand(commandString);
+ const commandArray = parseCommandString(commandString); // ['npm', 'run', 'task']
+ await execa`${commandArray}`;

// Or alternatively:
const [file, ...commandArguments] = commandArray;
await execa(file, commandArguments);



Bug fixes