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  1. The SingularityNET Developer Portal where you can find all our documentation, tutorials, and developer resources!

    CSS 33 18

  2. SingularityNET CLI for interacting with SNET blockchain contracts and deployed services.

    Python 38 23

  3. Service Daemon exposes an AI application as an API that is accessible through the SingularityNET Network. It handles all interaction with the blockchain for authorization and payment using AGI toke…

    Go 12 15

  4. Smart contracts for running Agents and Services on the SingularityNET open network.

    JavaScript 49 25

  5. SingularityNET Beta DApp lets you interact with Agents registered on the Kovan network using testnet AGI

    JavaScript 9 27

  6. Simple arithmetic service compatible with SingularityNET platform. Can be used as a starting point to build services on the platform

    Python 3 5

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