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This repository is just miscellaneous stuff. It is from my old devjavu SVN repo. Some of this stuff should get it's own repo.
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blogger Added Blogger Recent Comments
dmenu Added my hacked versions of dwm (config), sic, and dmenu
dwm Add uzbl
etc Dotfile changes
firefox/yubnub YubNub locationbar 0.19 - support for
fixmyaddressbook Add the potshot code for legacy fixmyaddressbook project
geobank Plotter code
greasemonkey added postrank script
javascript Added to-my-timezone script
lolcode Added lol_core.php
secms initial secms import
sic Added my hacked versions of dwm (config), sic, and dmenu
theproject userid bug
uzbl @match rule for userscripts.
webfs Forgot to add the FileSystemFromWebFS class file in previous comitt.
wordpress Moved FreshTags to <>
xlibtest Bank stuff
README Add global repo README


This repository is a collection of stuff.

Some of it has a LICENSE or a COPYING file.

A lot of it is just stuff that I use myself, 
and is not marked or documented at all.

If you want to use any of this stuff, or want 
to know more, my contact information is at 
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