High-level game framework based on rubygame
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This is XGame, a cross-platform game development framework based on RubyGame and SDL.

You may install rubygame using:

sudo gem install rubygame

or by simply placing it somewhere in your ruby require path.

You may need to install build tools, ruby headers, and SDL
libraries/headers in order to install rubygame.  These should be in your software repositories.

You must also install Chipmunk <http://wiki.slembcke.net/main/published/Chipmunk> in your ruby require path.

To install XGame on your system, just run the traditional:
	sudo make install

== Long Term ==

For those that are curious or poking around, XGame is part of a longer vision by singpolyma and psycotica0 
to start a company that does game development and distribution.  Our vision is to help other developers 
create and distribute / sell games to a market they might not othewise be able to reach.

While the code is this repo is subject to the COPYING file, we would also ask that the community abide by 
the spirit of FrieNDA while we get our product ready for launch.  Everyone will benefit once the network 
is up and able to be used by developers to distribute their games.