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Experimental framework for automatic differentiation finite-volume simulators


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Experimental Julia framework for fully differentiable multiphysics simulators based on implicit finite-volume methods with automatic differentiation.


Jutul is used for several applications. The primary package serves as a common infrastructure for several simulation projects. A examples of simple PDE solvers are included in this repo for testing and inspiration. Implementations are found here and tests for these systems that demonstrate usage are found here.

Reservoir simulation

Jutul Darcy logo JutulDarcy.jl is a high performance Darcy flow simulator and the main demonstrator application for Jutul. See also JutulDarcyRules.jl for use in differentiable workflows involving CO2 storage.

Battery simulation

BattMo logo BattMo.jl is a battery simulator that implements a subset of the MATLAB-based BattMo toolbox in Julia for improved performance.

Carbon capture

Jutul.jl powers a simulator that implements vacuum swing adsorption and direct air capture processes for the capture of CO2. This application is currently not public.

Contact information

You can use GitHub discussions, GitHub issues or send an e-mail to Olav Møyner.