Common Lisp I/O library
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  • Compilation IOlib requires a C library named LibFixPOSIX - - and its headers in order to compile. LibFixPOSIX can either be installed manually, for which there are instructions in the source code, or through distro repositories.

As of Debian 9.0 Stable, the libfixposix package uses code from 2011, which is incompatible with the current IOlib and will cause a SEGFAULT on load. Don't use it.

  • Tests Some of the socket tests require an echo server, the default being one on the Internet. If you can't use that, set iolib-tests:echo-address and iolib-test:echo-port appropriately to point the echo tests somewhere else.

  • Generating documentation To generate the documentation, use this patched version of texinfo-docstrings: Then make sure that IOLib's .asd files and texinfo-docstrings.asd can be loaded and run GNU make inside doc/ ; you'll then find the generated docs under manual/. This procedure has only been tested with SBCL.