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Common Lisp I/O library
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Remove old .asd files

Systems depending on the old ASDF system names should switch to the new
names, e.g. iolib.sockets -> iolib/sockets
latest commit 09d3bd41c0
@sionescu authored


-*- outline -*-

* Tests
 Some of the socket tests require an echo server, the default being
one on the Internet. If you can't use that, set
iolib-tests:*echo-address* and iolib-test:*echo-port* appropriately to
point the echo tests somewhere else.

* Generating documentation
 To generate the documentation, use this patched version of
Then make sure that IOLib's .asd files and texinfo-docstrings.asd can
be loaded and run GNU make inside doc/ ; you'll then find the
generated docs under manual/. This procedure has only been tested
with SBCL.
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