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Chiron is a zephyrbot that listens for zephyrs containing ticket numbers, looks up the ticket in an appropriate bugtracker, and responds with the ticket title and URL. Over time, the definition of "bugtracker" has broadened --- it includes actual bugtrackers like Debathena's, but also MIT class numbers and bible verses.

It also now has experimental support for running as a Zulip bot instead of a zephyrbot.


  • Supports "tickets" in more than two dozen different "bugtracker" instances --- see bugtrackers.txt for a list
  • Generic support for projects using
    • Trac
    • Github Issues
    • Bugzilla
  • Responds to both classed and personal zephyrs
    • For personal zephyrs, will reply-all to CC'd messages


Chiron requires Evan Broder's python-zephyr.

Chiron must be run with tickets so that it can sub to incoming zephyrs. You may find k5start helpful for keeping current tickets available.

You can run it subbed to personals only with ./

Primary production deployment

Alex Dehnert runs the primary Chiron instance, and is generally happy to add additional matchers, fetchers, or classes. To request changes, please file an issue (or pull request) on Github, zephyr him, or send mail to

Private deployments

If you want to run your own private production Chiron instance, you can also do that. By default, will only sub to personals. You can pass the --class option one or more times to tell it to sub to specific classes. Additionally, when run with the --default-classes option it will sub to a variety of default classes. Feel free to crib from in setting up your own Chiron instance, or run it subbed only to personals. However, please ensure that if you run a Chiron instance that subs to non-personals, it listens on different classes and/or uses different matchers than the primary instance, so that users don't receive multiple replies to their zephyrs. (Using the --class option and not --default-classes is an easy way to accomplish this.)

Deploying on scripts

The setup used for running the production instance on is in the deploy directory. It may be a decent reference for deploying your own copy of Chiron or other similar zephyrbots.